Monday, September 16, 2013

Security Chief brainstorming

Security Chief is a game that would be for the PC, and the main character is the Security Chief.  The whole point of the game is to set up a building layout that protects the bank vault.  There will be many thieves with varying abilities that will try to get to the bank vault and get out.  During the game there will be round levels, with each subsequent round having more theives, with more challenging abilities.  This game will be similar to that of a tower defense game, but having gadgets replacing the towers.

Guilds brainstorming

The name of a game that is so far out of my reach of making but sounds pretty cool is a game named Guilds.  This game would be a MMORPG and will take place in an apocalyptic world and it would be made obviously for the PC.  Everyone in the game can be killed, and if they die they stay dead.  The reason why it's called Guilds is because you will start off in the world Guild but when you level up, you will be kicked out and you will have to join 1 of 3 guilds.  These guilds will be totally runned by players.  There will be elections on who will be the king of the guild, and this king will have total power over the guild.  He will be able to choose what type of guild it will be and make other decisions, like taxes, structures to be built.  Each guild cannot kill people in their own guild, but they can kill anyone in other guilds.  The whole point of the game is to take down the other guilds, until there is only 1 left.  There would dungeon aspects where you will have to go in there in order to get materials that allow you to craft better weapons, armor, and structures for your guild.

startup tycoon brainstorming

An idea for a game would be startup tycoon which would be made for tablet and phone platforms.  The whole idea of the game would be that you get to choose the name of your company and what you make.  During the game you will have to do certain tasks such as buying ingredients or parts, putting together a product then selling said product.  With the profits you are able to upgrade your company, such as the building you are in, the employees, and the machinery.  It will be the combination of a lemonade tycoon, diner dash, and a dash of rpg element.