Friday, December 13, 2013

New Game Focus

The name of the game is Hella Tough Zombies.  It takes place in a desolate town at night.  The characters job is to inspect this town and find out whats wrong.  This incorporates game mechanics where you have to defend yourself from a ever spawning army of creatures.  The character will have access to weapons, whether it be guns or swords to subdue the  enemies.  The character will also have a set amount of life and once he runs out of life, he the character will die.  The enemies will spawn until the character dies, or if the enemies run out.  The game will be played in 3rd person, with a top down aspect to it.  It will feel like a top down shooter but because it is very dark, there is an aspect of suspense to it.  Also due to the suspense aspect, the player will have a very immersive experience.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

game ver 2.04

sorry i noticed that i uploaded the wrong link to the game so here is the real one.
updated :

  1. enemies now spawn with a light on them
  2. GUI warning of how to reload
link to game