Friday, December 13, 2013

New Game Focus

The name of the game is Hella Tough Zombies.  It takes place in a desolate town at night.  The characters job is to inspect this town and find out whats wrong.  This incorporates game mechanics where you have to defend yourself from a ever spawning army of creatures.  The character will have access to weapons, whether it be guns or swords to subdue the  enemies.  The character will also have a set amount of life and once he runs out of life, he the character will die.  The enemies will spawn until the character dies, or if the enemies run out.  The game will be played in 3rd person, with a top down aspect to it.  It will feel like a top down shooter but because it is very dark, there is an aspect of suspense to it.  Also due to the suspense aspect, the player will have a very immersive experience.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

game ver 2.04

sorry i noticed that i uploaded the wrong link to the game so here is the real one.
updated :

  1. enemies now spawn with a light on them
  2. GUI warning of how to reload
link to game

Sunday, November 24, 2013

game ver 2.03

I haven't added much.

  • when monster spawn theres a light that shows where they spawn then it goes dark.  It really sucks when they spawn right under you and you have no idea.
  • Added a signal that tells you when you have no bullets and what button to press to reload (which is tab by the way)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

multiplayer game

There could be two ways that i'd make my game multiplayer.  The first being that you could have multiple players on the same team.  You could have each player have a combined score, which would accumulate by the amount of monsters that they kill.  When the game is done, they would have a team score, which would be set by the level that they got too.  Obviously with multipler players, they difficulty of the game would have to be increased.  Difficulty could be increased by increasing the life that they enemies have, increasing the amount of enemies on the field, and giving enemies more mechanics
The Second way of making it multipler, would have it be that you are competing on who can live the longest.  The game mode would be set to endless, which would means that there would be no levels, but there would be a stream of monsters coming for you.  Over time, more enemies spawn and they get more life, or new mechanics.  If a player dies, then they lose, and the last person alive would essentially win the game.

Monday, November 11, 2013

prototype 2.02

link to my playthrough
link to my game

I haven't added much, but i did move over to unity.  I tried to work out an ai script that would allow the enemies to go around objects in the scene, but i kept getting a bool.language exception error which i will soon figure out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

prototype 2.01

Game minute

The player is notified that he is assigned to investigate a town in the middle of nowhere that has experienced strange attacks.  The people of the town swear that the attacks have been coming from demonic beings.  You are transported to the town and find that the area of attacks has been quarantined off in order to keep the towns people safe.  After entering the quarantined zone, the player sees 4 large spires and a well in the center of quarantined zone.  These spires glow eeriely purple, as if they seem to be somewhat alive.  The player walks around and finds nothing wrong with the area.  He checks his watch and sees that it is about midnight and turns to the exit.  Just as he is about to leave the towns clock tower rings signaling midnight.  All of a sudden the well starts to glow green, and the spires start to howl.  A stream of purple light shine from the spire onto the ground nearby.  From that light something spawns.  It is too far away and it is very dark so the player turns to it, pulls out his gun, and shines his flashlight at it. The spawned entity notices the light and starts to approach.  Slowly at first then it burst out into full out sprint.  You yell for it to stop, but it doesn’t flinch, you yell again still no response.  It finally comes into view and you see that it is human like, but it is completely pale, and has no facial features nor clothes.  Now it is really close, and it jumps forward into the air in attempts to grab you.  You take the shot, and hit it squarely between the eyes.  It drops, and remains motionless.  You inspect the kill and wonder what it was, and where did it come from.  You ponder if it came from the spire, but you don’t believe it.  You walk away, but then you hear the howls coming from the spires again.  This time multiple lights spawns, and again from each light another entity spawns.  These entities turn to you and start sprinting at you.  Instead of waiting for them to come close you start taking them down as soon as you can.  As the last one falls the spires howl again.  At that point you realise this won’t stop, and this will cycle until either you are dead or the spire runs out entities to spawn.  You take cover behind a wall and collect yourself, when you are ready, you take a step out of the cover ready and willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Monday, October 28, 2013


I feel like i have taken a step back, but i had to switch to a game engine that could be played over the web.  This is a prototype that was made on unity3d and it isn't exactly the game i wanted to make but it has core elements of the game that will be in my final project.  Hopefully soon i will be able to get it acting more like my first prototype

Friday, October 18, 2013

GamePrototype v1.02


  1. another enemey (lunger) its the yellow dot that lunges at you
  2. active reload, allows you to reload faster(press tab when the reload anim is in the box)
  3. bullet damage
  4. enemy health

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Game Prototype v1.01

  1. new buttons: [tab] -reload
  2. 2 guns: pistol(shoot slow, 10 bullets in clip, dam 2), machinegun(shoot fast, 30 bullets in clip, dam 0.5)
  3. added collision boxes
  4. zombies die if bullets hit them(no zombie health as of yet)
  5. reload mechanic, reload animation on top right screen
  6. debug screen

to do till next post

  1. startup screen telling the player how to player(important!!!!!!!!)
  2. zombie health(multiple bullets to kill zombies
  3. zombie spawn time anim(so that you can see where the zombie spawn before they do dam

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Game Prototype

I was trying all weekedn to figure out how i would go on about making the game i wrote about in my focus.  But i really couldn't figure it out, so i've decided to start over, and make a new and simpler game.  This game is based on geometry wars and that is what i have created in my protype.  There is no collision detection. All it is, is a controller which allows you to move the character around and shoot.  There are also random enemies that will spawn and follow you.  There will be more to come.  All you need to do is open up the folder and play the .exe file.  It should be called HellaToughZombies.exe.  I will post more during the week to give a meatier prototype

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Updated startup tycoon focus

Startup Tycoon is a compelling game that many people will enjoy because most enjoy the general storyline of starting with nothing then creating something for himself.  The gameplay allows a character if he works hard will be able to become successful in whatever business he chooses.  In the beginning of the game the character will be given a choice on what business he would like to make and with this decision he will be doing tasks in order to build his business.  The experience that the player will encounter are elements of watch and wait along with game mechanics of choosing what to buy, and what to do with the time of your day.  The heart of the game a strategy game, in the fact that the player will have to make important decisions that affect how fast your company grows.  There will also be game mechanics that affect the quality of your product which will affect the public outlook on your company.  This will give the player the feeling that quality is more important than quantity.  Player control will consist of pressing different tools in his work environment.  Tools will include computers, a printers, the phones, work desks and others.  To expand these tools will be moveable to the players desires.  This will allow players to create an efficient environments.  A player will also be able to buy tools, work areas and hire workers to increase productivity

Sunday, October 6, 2013

startup tycoon focus

Startup tycoon is a game that i would like to create.  The thing about this game that is compelling is that many people playing games enjoy the general storyline of starting with nothing then creating something for himself.  In this game i will try to create gameplay that takes a character, and allows him if working hard will be able to become successful in what he chooses.  In the beginning of the game the character will be given a choice on what business he would like to make and through out the game he will be doing tasks in order to build his business.  The experience that the player have elements of watch and wait aspects along with game mechanics of choosing what to buy, and also what to do with the time of your day.  At heart it is a strategy game, in the fact that you will have to make important decisions that affect how fast you grow; but also you will have other mechanics that will affect how well you make your product.  This will give the player the feeling that quality is more important than quantity.  How the player will control the character is pressing on different tools in his work environment.  Like a computer, a printer, the phone, the desk and others.  Also you will be able to access a sidemenu that will allow you drag and drop the tools to maximize efficiency.  Also you will be able to buy other tools.  From this sidemenu you will also be able to move your business to bigger and better facilities, and you will be able to hire people to do certain tasks in these bigger facilities.  By giving you this sidemenu, it will give the character the feeling that they have total control of their business.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Security Chief brainstorming

Security Chief is a game that would be for the PC, and the main character is the Security Chief.  The whole point of the game is to set up a building layout that protects the bank vault.  There will be many thieves with varying abilities that will try to get to the bank vault and get out.  During the game there will be round levels, with each subsequent round having more theives, with more challenging abilities.  This game will be similar to that of a tower defense game, but having gadgets replacing the towers.

Guilds brainstorming

The name of a game that is so far out of my reach of making but sounds pretty cool is a game named Guilds.  This game would be a MMORPG and will take place in an apocalyptic world and it would be made obviously for the PC.  Everyone in the game can be killed, and if they die they stay dead.  The reason why it's called Guilds is because you will start off in the world Guild but when you level up, you will be kicked out and you will have to join 1 of 3 guilds.  These guilds will be totally runned by players.  There will be elections on who will be the king of the guild, and this king will have total power over the guild.  He will be able to choose what type of guild it will be and make other decisions, like taxes, structures to be built.  Each guild cannot kill people in their own guild, but they can kill anyone in other guilds.  The whole point of the game is to take down the other guilds, until there is only 1 left.  There would dungeon aspects where you will have to go in there in order to get materials that allow you to craft better weapons, armor, and structures for your guild.

startup tycoon brainstorming

An idea for a game would be startup tycoon which would be made for tablet and phone platforms.  The whole idea of the game would be that you get to choose the name of your company and what you make.  During the game you will have to do certain tasks such as buying ingredients or parts, putting together a product then selling said product.  With the profits you are able to upgrade your company, such as the building you are in, the employees, and the machinery.  It will be the combination of a lemonade tycoon, diner dash, and a dash of rpg element.