Sunday, October 6, 2013

startup tycoon focus

Startup tycoon is a game that i would like to create.  The thing about this game that is compelling is that many people playing games enjoy the general storyline of starting with nothing then creating something for himself.  In this game i will try to create gameplay that takes a character, and allows him if working hard will be able to become successful in what he chooses.  In the beginning of the game the character will be given a choice on what business he would like to make and through out the game he will be doing tasks in order to build his business.  The experience that the player have elements of watch and wait aspects along with game mechanics of choosing what to buy, and also what to do with the time of your day.  At heart it is a strategy game, in the fact that you will have to make important decisions that affect how fast you grow; but also you will have other mechanics that will affect how well you make your product.  This will give the player the feeling that quality is more important than quantity.  How the player will control the character is pressing on different tools in his work environment.  Like a computer, a printer, the phone, the desk and others.  Also you will be able to access a sidemenu that will allow you drag and drop the tools to maximize efficiency.  Also you will be able to buy other tools.  From this sidemenu you will also be able to move your business to bigger and better facilities, and you will be able to hire people to do certain tasks in these bigger facilities.  By giving you this sidemenu, it will give the character the feeling that they have total control of their business.

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