Sunday, November 3, 2013

Game minute

The player is notified that he is assigned to investigate a town in the middle of nowhere that has experienced strange attacks.  The people of the town swear that the attacks have been coming from demonic beings.  You are transported to the town and find that the area of attacks has been quarantined off in order to keep the towns people safe.  After entering the quarantined zone, the player sees 4 large spires and a well in the center of quarantined zone.  These spires glow eeriely purple, as if they seem to be somewhat alive.  The player walks around and finds nothing wrong with the area.  He checks his watch and sees that it is about midnight and turns to the exit.  Just as he is about to leave the towns clock tower rings signaling midnight.  All of a sudden the well starts to glow green, and the spires start to howl.  A stream of purple light shine from the spire onto the ground nearby.  From that light something spawns.  It is too far away and it is very dark so the player turns to it, pulls out his gun, and shines his flashlight at it. The spawned entity notices the light and starts to approach.  Slowly at first then it burst out into full out sprint.  You yell for it to stop, but it doesn’t flinch, you yell again still no response.  It finally comes into view and you see that it is human like, but it is completely pale, and has no facial features nor clothes.  Now it is really close, and it jumps forward into the air in attempts to grab you.  You take the shot, and hit it squarely between the eyes.  It drops, and remains motionless.  You inspect the kill and wonder what it was, and where did it come from.  You ponder if it came from the spire, but you don’t believe it.  You walk away, but then you hear the howls coming from the spires again.  This time multiple lights spawns, and again from each light another entity spawns.  These entities turn to you and start sprinting at you.  Instead of waiting for them to come close you start taking them down as soon as you can.  As the last one falls the spires howl again.  At that point you realise this won’t stop, and this will cycle until either you are dead or the spire runs out entities to spawn.  You take cover behind a wall and collect yourself, when you are ready, you take a step out of the cover ready and willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

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