Sunday, November 17, 2013

multiplayer game

There could be two ways that i'd make my game multiplayer.  The first being that you could have multiple players on the same team.  You could have each player have a combined score, which would accumulate by the amount of monsters that they kill.  When the game is done, they would have a team score, which would be set by the level that they got too.  Obviously with multipler players, they difficulty of the game would have to be increased.  Difficulty could be increased by increasing the life that they enemies have, increasing the amount of enemies on the field, and giving enemies more mechanics
The Second way of making it multipler, would have it be that you are competing on who can live the longest.  The game mode would be set to endless, which would means that there would be no levels, but there would be a stream of monsters coming for you.  Over time, more enemies spawn and they get more life, or new mechanics.  If a player dies, then they lose, and the last person alive would essentially win the game.

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